Glossier Haul + Product Reviews

I caved. I finally bought some Glossier products after having my eye on the brand for a year. I love the fact that Glossier products are dermatologist-tested, cruelty-free and award-winning. Can't forget that the packaging is super cute and minimalistic, which immediately intrigues me.


Since I wanted to try Glossier and wasn't sure on exactly what I wanted to try aside from the cleanser, I looked around on the website for quite some time. I ended up getting the Phase 1 Set, which I think is a great introduction to the brand and some of their bestselling products. I am pretty set in my makeup ways at the moment so skincare was the route I wanted to go. I am so excited about what I got and to share with you all my honest review of each product after using them for a couple of weeks.

If you saw my last post, I mentioned I really wanted to try the Milky Jelly Cleanser. I had previously heard so much about this product from bloggers, Instagrammers and YouTubers. I am a sucker for skincare products - I'll admit I probably buy more skincare stuff than makeup because I love to try new stuff, especially without breaking the bank. Anyway, this product was better than I thought it would be. The silky, smooth jelly-like consistency of the cleanser immediately leaves my skin feeling smooth and refreshed. Plus I love the fact that it smells amazing - the smell reminds me of lychee. The website says this product can be used to remove makeup, which it is great for taking off all of your face makeup at the end of the day but definitely not eye makeup, especially waterproof. Overall, I would buy this again in a heartbeat and probably will once I run out.

I have combination skin - dry near the sides of my nose and a little greasy everywhere else - so I was excited to try the Priming Moisturizer. I first tried this product as a primer before putting on my makeup and I was a little bit disappointed. I felt like the product sat in my fine lines on my forehead and under-eyes and didn't absorb as much as I had anticipated it would. Once I put my makeup on, my lines were extremely visible and my skin didn't look that great. Now I just use this as a before bed moisturizer after washing my face since I don't like it as a primer. If you have really smooth, blemish + line-free face, this could work as a primer for you.

I love the versatility and feel of the Balm Dotcom. This product can be used on your lips, as well as an all-over skin salve. I got the rose since I thought the light pink tint would be a natural look (plus, the rose scent is fresh and summery) - great to put on in the morning for a touch of color and added moisture to your lips. I think I want to buy Birthday Balm next because I love the packaging and I think I would love the scent and shimmer.

Overall, I am blown away by Glossier. While one of the three products I got is a little different than I expected, I love incorporating these into my every day routine.

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