Welcome to Beauty & Bites!

Hi everyone!

Welcome to beauty & bites. My name is Emily and I am thrilled you're here.

I am a twenty-something PR professional, makeup obsessed foodie who loves to write as a creative escape (want to know more about me? Click "about" in the navigation bar for a bio). This blog serves as a collective place me for to talk about a variety of things - including beauty products, recipes, lifestyle topics and advice.

I've been blogging for nearly four years now. Each summer, I've been able to pick it back up again and blog again when I had free time from college. Now that I am graduated and settled (well kind of) into adult life, I thought it would be a good time to start blogging again.

Since I wanted to start getting into blogging again, I decided I wanted a new blog name and a new design - kind of a restart. I've changed as a person, and so have my interests, therefore a new blog theme and name seemed like a good idea.

What's next?

You can plan on seeing posts related to all of my favorite beauty products, hauls, homemade recipes and where I love eating in Portland, Oregon. I am going to aim to write on a regular basis, although no promised posting schedule since my life is crazy hectic. I hope you stick around to see what I have in store!

Follow along with me on my adventures and know when I am going to post by following me on Instagram @beautyandbites.